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Jack Training Solutions in Creativity & Innovation


Creativity and innovation are the cornerstones of business. If you do not have creative or innovative ideas, you will be competing on a very fragile foundation. This three day course explores many areas of the subject in the depth you will need to exploit your talents fully.


The JTS Creativity & Innovation Training Offer

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Costs: £999.99 (ex. VAT) - click here for information


In a nutshell

Using techniques borrowed from hypnosis and NLP, we can tap into the creativity of the delegates. In this way we can generate useful brainstorming exercises and an understanding of how you can drive creativity and innovation in your business.


Who is the course for?

How you will benefit

Great creativity and innovation can help you throughout your career as you will be able to find alternative points of view for nearly all situations.


New products, advertising campaigns and documents can all be enhanced with creativity and innovation, helping it, and you stand out from the crowd.


What you will learn

For a full syllabus for this course, please contact us via the booking form.



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