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Jack Training Solutions' Creating the Business of your Dreams


Are you entrepreneurial material? Not everyone is, and those that are, may need some support to start off. Creating the business of your dreams training course will help you define your business objectives, build a business case, the vision and mission, and help to nail down the unique selling propositions of your idea/s.


The JTS Creating The Business Of Your Dreams Training Offer

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Costs: £199.99 (ex. VAT) - click here for information


In a nutshell

Do you want the best chances of success in your new business venture? Would you like to know some ways to advertise yourself with little or no money? Would you like to keep the energy of your excitement going even through turbulent times? Is you answered yes, then this course is for you.


Who is the course for?

How you will benefit

What you will learn

This Course will walk you through the fine points of business ownership.

For a full syllabus for this course, please contact us via the booking form.




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