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Jack Training Solutions for NPD Brainstorming

Creating new ideas for your products


Where do you get new product or service ideas? Do you undertake a regular idea generation process?


One method of idea generation is Brainstorming, in which a team of people generate ideas without any censorship or filtering.


The JTS Brainstorming for NPD Training Offer

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Cost: £249.99 (ex. VAT) - click here for information


In a nutshell

Developing new products and services are the lifeblood of any company. New Product Development is a vital part of successful business, and it all starts with the generation of new ideas.


One method of generating new ideas, and a popular one is that of Brainstorming. This course will show how to Brainstorm, how it fits into marketing and new product development and finishing with an exercise.


Who is the course for?

How you will benefit

What you will learn


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