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Jack Training Solutions for Multi-channel Marketing

Marketing campaigns cannot exist alone, and integration is key


Integrated marketing involves making use of multiple channels to reach your customers. But it is important to use each channel appropriately, whilst maintain a consistent message and call to action.


The JTS Multi-channel Marketing Training Offer

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Cost: £199.99 (ex. VAT) - click here for information


In a nutshell

Marketing in a single channel limits your exposure, and you can be sure your competitors are not limiting themselves. Multi-channel marketing uses a number of different skill sets, and is becoming more complex. This course gives delegates an overview of this complex media landscape and how to manage it.


Who is the course for?


How you will benefit

You will gain a good understanding of the complex channels now appearing in the marketplace and be able to select and group the relevant channels for your campaign.


What you will learn


For a full syllabus for this course, please contact us via the booking form.




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