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Jack Training Solutions for Strategic Pricing

Charging the right price for your products & services


Overcharging can be as bad as undercharging. Setting the correct price for your products and service is vital for the long-term success of your business. The strategy should not be limited to what price you can get - rather what price you should get.


This course has been designed by experienced marketing practioners to offer you a wide range of tools and insights.


The JTS Strategic Pricing Training Offer

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Cost: £599.99 (ex. VAT) - click here for information


In a nutshell

Creating a pricing strategy for increased profits.


Strategic Pricing will help you determine the appropriate price to capture the value you provide to your customers.


Are you searching for ways to improve your profit margin? Is it time to increase prices? How do you avoid or minimise a price squeeze? Attend this executive level course to develop or improve your organisation's pricing strategy.


Who is the course for?

This course is well-suited for team learning and decision making. Bring your core management team to complete your strategic pricing plan and gain a shared understanding of the strategic implications of your pricing options.


Participants generally represent senior level marketing, sales, product management, product development, business development, finance, and marketing team members.


How you will benefit

What you will learn

The course content is as follows:

Optional additional pricing workshop

Duration: 4 hours
Costs: £199.99 (no concessions, minimum 5 people)


The application workshop helps you to: measure customer values, segment based on these values, determine the best price, and assess price sensitivity. Participants will determine:


For a full syllabus for this course, please contact us via the booking form.



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